5 developers selling the first seven months of nearly 100 billions

Benefit this year’s first-hand market is booming, the main five developers selling results bright, the first 7 months of nearly 100 billion yuan of gold, long field production into the sale of the king, due to local developers to absorb soil storage slow progress, Discs sell

The market put a total of 11,000 people long real closure king

First-hand market is still booming, according to newspaper statistics, the first 7 months of primary market has sold more than 11 million, involving about 150 billion yuan. 5 major developers are still leading the primary market, to sell units total sales of about 7,500 partners, to absorb the market more than 970 billion yuan of funds (even business and business).

Among them, the results of the long-term real estate sales were the most impressive, the first seven months of a total of more than 36 billion yuan, breaking the Group’s sales records over the years, the amount of more than a quarter of the primary market, sales units more than 2,500, (Including the love of the sea and love the sea), as well as the North Point luxury Victoria Harbor Chung, regardless of the number of sales units and the amount of cash is the highest number of developers, to the end of the year The former group will be deployed to launch the Central Jiancheng Street and Southern Repulse Bay Road project.

New sets of more than 26 billion yuan faster than the city

The new site is sold more than 2,000 units, ranked second, the amount of cash also reached 26 billion yuan, of which Nanchang station on the project to contribute the largest Xi Xi, a single real estate sold nearly a thousand, cash about 13 billion yuan.

In the second half of the year, the Group still has a number of key projects to sell, including the North Point luxury plate Hai Xuan, Ma On Shan sea of clouds, the western half of the mountain Baptist Hill, Huixi second period, etc., at any time to force to catch up.

New World this year, the main force to sell three new projects, including Clear Water Bay Takao, Tsui Wan Bay and Hong Kong Bayan Bay, the first 7 months of the Group sold a total of 1,194 people, cash more than 11.3 billion yuan (the Group attributable to equity ), Also a group of 3-year high. There are only 23 villagers, such as together with the new disk surplus calculation is about 677 groups.

Single-handed or recorded 20,000 jobs

As for Henderson and Wheelock Properties, respectively, about 800 and 970 sales, respectively, about 13 billion and 10.8 billion yuan. 5 developers of the first 7 months of sales revenue have been broken 10 billion. At the beginning of the first seven months, more than 1.1 million transactions have been recorded in the first seven months. If the market conditions continue to be buoyant, the annual or some chance to record about 20,000 levels will be a new high.

However, as the major developers’ sales revenue is quite satisfactory, the Cheung Kong is far more than expected. At the beginning of the year, the Group set a target of $ 25 billion and then raised its target to $ 35 billion in June. Beyond this level, has recently threatened the future push plate strategy only seeking price, if the second half of the new disk pricing ahead, or will slow down the primary market to undertake.

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