Check the prospective buyer to pay attention to payment terms and transaction records

(Sales Authority) today released an updated version of the Notice on “First-hand Residential Property Buyers” (the “Notice”), reminding the prospective purchaser of the need to pay attention to the purchase of first-hand residential properties, Members of the public can refer to the updated version on the Sales Authority’s website ( Prospective purchasers may also read the Notes in the sales brochure of the development project.

The Sales Regulatory Authority also reminds prospective purchasers of the purchase of first-hand residential properties involving huge expenses. Before buying, please look at the details of various payment plans and mortgage plans, carefully examine their own affordability and choose the right arrangements. At the same time, you can also read the transaction brochure on the development projects to understand the sales of the development projects and the transaction information of the residential properties.

Under the One-Handed Residential Property Sale Ordinance (the Ordinance), the seller of a primary property must publish the price list at least three days before the date of sale. The price of the property concerned; the terms of the payment; the price discount, the gift, the financial preference or the benefit that the buyer may have in connection with the purchase of the property; the party responsible for paying the attorneys’ fees and stamp duty.

Prospective purchasers should review the price order to see if the price discount offered by the seller is provided with the conditions and details of the different payment plans. If you wish to use the mortgage scheme provided by the financial institution designated by the seller, you should have a clear understanding of the details of the mortgage scheme, such as the minimum income requirement for the borrower, the maximum amount of the mortgage loan available for the first mortgage and the second mortgage , The maximum repayment period, the entire repayment period of the mortgage interest rate changes, the applicant must pay the fee and so on.

During the period of sale, the Vendor shall provide the transaction book on the website of the Development Project, the Sales Office and the Primary Residential Property Sales Information Network ( and, within 24 hours after the date of the Provisional Sale and Purchase Agreement, To disclose the information on the sale and purchase agreement and to disclose the information of the sale and purchase agreement within one working day after the conclusion of the contract. Prospective buyers can understand the sales of the development project through the transaction book.

Under the Ordinance, the register must contain the information specified in the Ordinance, including the transaction price mentioned in the provisional sale or purchase agreement or the sale and purchase agreement, and the terms of the payment (including any discount on the price and, in relation to the purchase (Such as furniture and equipment), financial benefits or benefits.

A spokesman for the Sales Authority said: “The price of the prospective purchaser in the transaction book is the price stated in the temporary sale and purchase agreement or the sale and purchase agreement relating to the residential property, that is, the buyer obtains the price for the purchase of the residential property Any discount will be calculated at the price of the transaction. As for the buyer to buy the associated residential property and associated with the gifts, financial benefits or benefits may not be all buyers will choose (such as the purchase of parking spaces can enjoy the discount), or just (Such as stamp duty rebates), these gifts, financial preferences or benefits will not be reflected in the transaction price, but the seller must list these in the “Payment Terms” column of the Transaction Brochure, which is subject to certain conditions Information, to increase the transparency of each transaction, and even if the seller sells the residential property by way of auction or tender, although the seller does not have to provide the price for the residential property, the above information must be included in the register. ”

A spokesman for the Sales Authority stressed that “the purchase of first-hand residential properties is a major decision for most people.” When prospective purchasers are considering the terms of payment and the mortgage scheme, they must look at their affordability and pay attention to their own You will be entitled to all discounts, joint gifts, financial offers or benefits provided by the Vendor, and the prospective purchaser will not be able to sign a temporary sale and purchase agreement before deciding whether or not he has approved a mortgage scheme.

A spokesman for the Sales Authority said, “In accordance with the Ordinance, if there is no sale and purchase agreement within five working days after the purchaser has entered into the temporary sale and purchase agreement, the temporary sale and purchase agreement will be terminated and the buyer has paid the same percentage Fifth of the temporary deposit will be confiscated. “

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