Emperor Development 4 project Tuen Mun built 1650 units of small units

Emperor Group Project Director Yao Zhiwei said, to undertake the first half of the momentum, the second half of the property prices are still about 5% increase. The Group is developing four projects, of which the Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay project will build 1,650 flats, the main open to the 2-room interval.

Emperor Group Project Director Yao Zhiwei said that the current investment and sales situation, is expected in the second half of the market there is still a certain uptrend, an increase of about 5%. Including residential and commercial projects, the Group has confidence in the property market in Hong Kong.

In view of the hot market conditions, the Group and the development of the joint development of the Tseung Kwan O Blue Long proud of the earlier increase of 4% plus push 61, of which the characteristics of real discount price of more than 31,000 yuan, expensive with the same area.

Blue pond “sell one less one”

Yao said that the launch of the price of nearly 7 percent of units to the sea, not with ordinary stratified households, if the exclusion of special units, ordinary stratification unit price of about 16,800 yuan, the pricing is not aggressive , Only to reflect the quality of the project.

In addition, there is now a chance to adjust the price in response to the market conditions. The bungalows are not excluded from the tender form. The project is now available for sale. Gang, about 85 units and 23 bungalows. Will be tomorrow (22) first-come-first-served form of 22 units.

There are a number of development projects in the future. Among them, there are six 18- to 20-storey residential properties which are expected to be built in the Castle Peak Bay area of Tuen Mun, which will be provided with 1,650 flats. The project will be open to the opening of the two rooms, due to the proximity of the Gold Coast and Harrow International School, there is a certain rental needs, hope to attract investors in the region, is expected to be sold in 2019 years.

In addition to the letter of the joint venture of the Ocean Park Hotel project Fu Lidun Ocean Park Hotel, recently signed the fastest completion in 2020, the park will provide about 460 hotel rooms.

Huang Zhu Hang 2 project proposed Grade A commercial buildings

The Group has two commercial projects in the Southern District. At the junction of Gyeongju Street and Wong Chuk Hang Road, which will be built with the letter, the construction area will be about 285,000 square feet. The Grade A commercial building will be built. Yes, formerly known as the Aberdeen Aberdeen depot Huang Zhu Hang Road 36, is currently in the early stage of research, plans to build a modern industrial building, also have the opportunity to transform into commercial buildings.

Yao’s fingers, Admiralty and Central Business needs are large, but the supply is saturated, benefiting from the opening of the South Island Line, and the future of Huang Zhu Hang and Southern District can be a new business district, with the development of the railway The project can provide about 4,500 homes, the population will increase in the region, the future development potential is huge.

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