Henderson 84.45 million purchase of old buildings to expand the map of To Kwa Wan

Developers actively acquired the old building, Heng is the acquisition of the old building in the area of To Kwa Wan Road, recently expanded to the surrounding acquisition of the map, the success of 8,445 million yuan to buy 21 groups.

According to EPRC economic real estate library data show that the project under the rural road 18 to 20, downhill Road 58 to 70, and Lok Ma Road 72 to 76 and other old buildings recorded 21 transactions, a total investment of 84.45 million yuan, each group The purchase price ranges from $ 2,964,000 to $ 6.56 million.

King 15 million to buy the same as Taiwan

Henderson has been actively acquiring in the near future and has successfully acquired 68A to 70C in To Kwa Wan Road and over 8 estate titles in 14 to 16 Old Township, covering an area of 22,000 sq ft. The acquisition will be further expanded to nearly 40,000 square feet, belonging to the city’s rare large-scale reconstruction projects, it is estimated that the building can reach 36 million square feet.

In addition, the city by the King of the West acquired by the West Mid-Hill Road 24 to 26, including Taiwan, recently to 15 million yuan to buy a group of units to the practical area of 498 square feet, practical foot price of 30,000 yuan , Earlier than the purchase price of 4 percent higher. According to the information, the developer has already acquired at least 8% of the existing title. With the acquisition of the above units, the number of shares held will be close to 9%. When the developer can apply for a strong shot, the developer will increase the acquisition.

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