The amount of foreign trade in the Mainland last year was about 207.5 billion

In recent years, RMB devaluation, capital and other factors, a large number of Chinese capital outflow to the property market around, together with the global stock market made good, as the driving force to push the global property market.

In the past, the “active capital” report, which indicated that mainland cross-border investment rose 26 times in 10 years, cross-border real estate transactions in mainland capital reached US $ 26.6 billion (HK $ 207.5 billion) last year, accounting for nearly 40% of all capital investment in Asia %.

Among them, London, New York and other cities are most welcomed by Chinese investors, and with the pound fell, and the choice of more places, are to attract investors to enter the reasons.

China is the largest buyer of Australian property market

This year, London recorded at least 7 to 8 more than $ 1 billion in property transactions, such as Java Holdings in May this year to 2.6 billion acquisition of 33 Old Broad Street property, with a total area of 191,000 square feet; China to 1.76 billion purchase of 11 St James Square is full of buildings; China Resources Land also spent 3 billion yuan to buy commercial buildings; mainland Cheung Chi Group last month to remove 4.2 billion acquisition of London 20 Canada Square.

Australian property prices soared, and foreign capital inflows, especially from the Chinese funds are closely related, since 2012, the Chinese buyers have super US and Singapore, Australia’s largest property market buyers, 2015 to 2016, China in Australia A total of A $ 31.9bn (approximately HK $ 119.4bn) of real estate-related industries accounted for nearly 70% of China’s total investment in Australia.

Which Sydney, Melbourne and other large cities in the office and residential are the main investment in the object. However, the current central government to strengthen control of capital outflows and economic problems, the sustainability of mainland investment, remains to be seen.

In addition, the recent global stock market bullish, US stocks broke through the same day; Hong Kong stocks this year also momentum rainbow, a two-year high, yesterday reported 27,607 points. In the stock market driven wealth effect, has also become the driving force of rising property prices.

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