The Development Bureau, Mr Wong Wai-lun, can accommodate up to 355 000 people if the northwest New Territories is to be developed

The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, said that the Task Force on Land Supply, which was set up by the Secretary-General Lin Zheng’e, was set up this month. The first meeting was held in September, with the appointment of non-official members by the Chief Executive, but the specific powers and responsibilities of the Committee have not been finalized.

Mr Wong said she would not stop land development, including land in the northwest New Territories. He said that the long term would be considered for reclamation in the central waters and that if the development of the northern part of the New Territories would accommodate 255,000 to 355 000 people, it would depend on the traffic package.

Mr Wong said that the feasibility of developing a country park boundary is still being studied. It refers to the need to study the ecological environment and emphasize which country parks the Government has not set up.

As to whether it is feasible for the construction of freshwater lakes in Plover Cove, Mr Wong said that at this stage, no proposal would be given to “pouring cold water”. The Council would welcome all the suggestions that the proposal would be welcomed in any way and that the relevant proposals would be discussed in the Task Force.

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